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Please excuse me

Posting in English sure sounds fun in theory.
I'm gonna do that just now.

Slam poetry was quite good this saturday. Personally I preferred my prepared passages from a book, but these poets really impressed me, even though some of them rather reminded me of bad german hip hop acts, their values and the oddness of some lyrics really got me.

BUT, such genius can not be mine, i must stay here in this mundane shell that has become my life. Wondering if some outside force is supposed to crack it up, or if I should have the strength all by my own by now.
Bleh strength.

No smoking, No drinking, the purest experiment is to see how long you can last without the things you actually hate to do, but love to succumb to.
It's interesting. There is a certain vocabulary in English i seem to understand and re-enact just perfectly, but can't be put properly in a german sentence. WHAT A CURIOUS THING.

The sky is grey, my heart is black, my eyes are sore, the pain is back. I grow weary of these times, where nothing is certain and nothing ever rhymes.

24.11.09 13:00

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